We handle the complete product engineering
lifecycle, from
Conceptualization UI / UX Design Development Testing
to product launching

Launch your product faster and smarter with our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services. Our expert team ensures rapid iteration, cost-effectiveness, and market validation, giving your business a strategic edge in the competitive landscape.

iConnect's Minimum Viable Product Development

The iConnect way

we streamline the development process, minimizing time-to-market and maximizing user feedback for a robust and scalable final product. Our aim is to create world-class Minimum Viable Products.

Our Methodology

Let's create
world-class products
for you

There are different phases of  engineering a successful product, from a seed idea to the launch of a product. Therefore, when we talk about product engineering, we make sure we go through every phase of its lifecycle.

We have a brilliant team with the agile mindset. All our people are trained in agile development. Our aim is to create world-class disruptive products. We have done it many times till now. We provide following services to make your idea a reality.

Our phases are

Product Conceptualization

This is the underlying stage, which includes considering the idea and simultaneously documenting it.

UI / UX Design

Once the concept is finalized, we start focusing on the UI and UX designing phase using design tools like figma, Adobe XD, etc.


The next phase is about developing. A lot of attention is paid to choose a correct stack for optimized product with minimal cost.


We make sure our product  always has to go through stringent quality checks to validate that the product is fault-free and can be used as intended.


Once the product is ready, it is deployed on your choice of cloud server. And collect micro feedback  about the ease of use and user experience simultaneously.

Maintenance and Updates

Once the product goes live, we also create a support system if required, to meet customer requirements .

Without much ado

Let's start your project

We identify a Team Lead and developers & tester to form a team of 4-6 people. The Team Lead is primarily responsible for Each iteration/sprint. We can agree on a schedule and number of sprints required and a fair cost model is worked out based on this.