Case Study


Our Contribution – Technology Consulting, Architecture & Design, Ui/Ux, Web frontend,
Backend & APIs, Google Cloud.

The Idea

About Project

The aim was to build a poker player analytics & support platform.Players could opt into this service while they played poker online. They get useful tips and any mistakes to avoid via this service.

Our platform initially took anonymous poker hands data in flat files in huge quantities and later started receiving it via Messaging. At this moment we process more than 12 million hands a day for analysis. Platform supports thousands of concurrent players at a time.

Complete admin & web responsive application was built on ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB stack. Even poker table animation to replay an existing game was built on css 7 javascript.

Online Poker playing website got a huge advantage because of this product and attracted more players on their platform.


Tech Stack

Server side

node js logo
mongodb logo
google cloud logo

Client side (Web)

react native

Key Challenges

  1. Huge amount of poker hands data to be processed and analysed (10+ Million hands a day)
  2. Highly Performant system required for scaling to thousands of concurrent users.
  3. Knowledge of poker gaming was required to better understand the requirements.
  4. Attractive and responsive UI was a must.

Our solutions

  1. We resorted to Messaging (Google pub-sub) to handle huge hands data coming in
  2. We deployed kubernetes clusters to scale as per the load.
  3. NodeJS helped manage thousands of requests per seconds on a single compute/VM
  4. Team developed required poker concepts & terminology quickly.


  1. We were able to process 18+ Million hands a day without issues.
  2. During lockdown & promotion periods the number of players increased exponentially (3-5 folds) and Still our scalability solution worked wonders.
  3. Choice of Cloud tech and application tech was apt for this kind of scale.
  4. Team delivered a pixel perfect UI from the design given to them.