Case Study

Medical insur-USA

Our Contribution – Technology Consulting, Architecture & Design, Ui/Ux, Web frontend,
Backend & APIs, AWS.

The Idea

About Project

For this project, our client wanted a platform built for various types of medical broker organizations. For them, it was also important that the final product be flexible enough to hold both single broker organizations and complex organization hierarchies. The system should also have the capacity to hold their license numbers per state and per carrier-related data based on which plans they could sell or recommend.

In accordance with these expectations, we at iConnect mapped detailed plan information, plan comparisons and the entire sales cycle into the system, including bulk imports of leads and an integration with SalesForce APIs.

All developers used AWS Cloud9 coding environments & AWS code commit.


Tech Stack

Server side

python logo

Client side (Web)

react native

Key Challenges

  1. Complex Hierarchical structure for various types of broker organisations was required.
  2. Highly Performant system required for scaling to hundreds of concurrent users.
  3. Direct Enrollment with multiple carriers/insurance companies was very challenging as a common 10-12 step complex form was designed to collect all data.
  4. Many complex scenarios involving emailing out to prospects & keeping track of their consents & follow up emails were needed.
  5. Attractive UI was a must.

Our solutions

During this project, we faced a number of key design challenges:

  1. Creating a Complex Hierarchical structure required for various types of broker organization.
  2. Designing a highly performant system for the purpose of scaling to hundreds of concurrent users.
  3. Coming up with a 10-12 step form designed to collect all data for direct enrollment with multiple carriers/insurance companies.
  4. Navigating many complex scenarios involving emailing prospects while keeping track of their consents and of course, recontacting them with follow-up emails.
  5. Ensuring the UI design is suitably attractive.


Upon project completion, both our clients and our team were left in awe of the project’s resulting achievements, the most notable of which include

  1. Ramping up the development team from 2-8 within a couple of weeks.
  2. Building a pixel perfect UI.
  3. Scaling the system well at the time of peak usage.
  4. In the end, the client was left with a custom designed system whereby both single broker companies and complex hierarchies of broker organizations were successfully onboarded.
  5. Not to mention the successful collaboration between the client’s US team and our professional team at iConnect Solutions!